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Genetic testing very beautifully completes the circle of prevention. Genetic risk towards developing a disease can be avoided or delayed by making proper dietary and fitness modifications. If implemented properly as an essential preventive healthcare tool it could save your life.

A simple test can help save lives. You can be the start of the prevention of cancer for your loved ones. It starts with a simple mouth swab from an Advatest/Wellife Global advocate.

We test your genetic markers for cancer, then along with your doctor and our geneticist, you can know the risks you, your children and grandchildren have of developing certain hereditary cancers. This step will help you monitor your heath, doctor visits and symptoms to catch any cancer at a curable stage.

Knowledge is power.

We also offer drug interaction screening to see whether the prescription and non prescription medicine you are taking is effective, runs the risk of adverse reactions or is ideal for your particular DNA.

Science and technology are at the forefront of modern medicine. Be a part of your health and welfare.
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