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Belle Grace Guest House is a much-needed retreat reserved for women who want a quick weekend reprieve at an affordable price. Cozy, comfortable, and safe, this guest house is an easy short distance from the bustle of the Big City. More important, it is set in the middle of Twiddle Dee Farm for the kind of serenity only nature can provide.

Twiddle Dee Farm is a beautifully landscaped small farm that has been owned by the same family for more than a hundred years and held in continuous agricultural production. Responsive to environmental and animal welfare concerns, the farm owners transitioned to a network of paddocks and pastured-based farming; and the farm is now home to boarded horses, donkeys, sheep, and cattle....small ones! Twiddle Dee Farm is recognized as a "Green Travel Destination" by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. Harmony..good health...and happiness!
Guest House has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. Rates are per person. Have the whole house to yourself or bring your friends!
Come enjoy our farm and the animals! Bikes are provided.
Find seclusion for yourself or gather with your friends.
Walk our paths and enjoy seeing the animals. We have lovely flower gardens also.
We are no longer on facebook. Instead, we choose to form a stronger, more personal relationship with our guests and fan support. If you are interested in following us, please leave your name and email address at our booth. And THANK YOU!!
The farm is in bloom the week of the Southern Women's Show!
Lady Banks rose bush at the farm is showing off for the Southern Women's Show
Garden lights and blooms and more blooms create magic at the farm for the Southern Women's Show week!
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