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See What Happened at the 2018 Show!

MasterChef Competitor Ashley Mincey

Finishing in the Top 3 from this season's MasterChef competitition, Ashley Mincey earned her apron and thus mentorship from Chef Gordon Ramsay this season of the competition. She’s been noted by the judges for her knowledge, creativity, and ability to handle pressure with both the savory and sweet side of her culinary abilities. Chef Ramsay said she accomplished the best dessert of the competition, and two of her noteworthy Top 3 performances were a French Moroccan Duck and Cranberry dish and Chicken Liver Stuffed Agnolotti. Ashley also secured the first Mystery Box win by representing her home state of Florida with their state pride challenge. Having the honor to cook for and be under the tutelage of culinary elites Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez, Joe Bastianich, and Michael Cimarusti thus far, Ashley stays driven having earned three Top 3 nominations, 1 elimination challenge win, 1 mystery box challenge win, and led a team to victory under her captaincy. Prior to the competition, Ashley was a full-time World Language teacher honing in her culinary skills during the weekend in national and international competitions. Ashley translated her competitive sports background to the kitchen to sharpen her craft. Now, she adds the allure of Miami’s international scene through her culinary point of view. She’s able to transport an audience to a destination with her flare, world travels, passion, and personality. Instagram @enviebymincey

See Ashley on the Cooking Stage on Thursday October 18 at 11:30am.

MasterChef Alum Jeff Philbin

The only thing MasterChef’s Jeff Philbin loves more than food and people, is bringing the two together to provide great culinary experiences! Growing up, Jeff was drawn to cooking by watching Julia Child, Lidia Bastianich, & Jacques Pe?pin with his mother every Saturday afternoon on PBS. But it was his appearances on Season 8 of FOX’s MasterChef that introduced America to Jeff’s humble, fun-loving, yet fearless personality. And it all started at a family dinner, when his brother in law said to him, "Jeff, I signed you up for MasterChef. All you need to do is show up in Orlando. I did all of your paperwork because I believe in you.” At that moment, Jeff's life changed forever.
Jeff went on to become a fan favorite and one of the most memorable personalities on the show. It was an incredible experience that has changed him forever. Back home in Tampa, Jeff began "paying it forward" by hosting weekly MasterChef viewing parties, raising thousands of dollars collectively for local charities that have raised in excess of $250,000! Jeff is a former Vice-Chairman for Habitat for Humanity and an "Up and Comer" recipient in Tampa Bay Business Journal's "Top 30 Under 30" list and a graduate from Leadership Tampa Bay 2018. Jeff pursues his passion for food and cooking as a restaurant consultant in addition to filming his own 10 episode show and spends the remainder of his time loving life with his beautiful fiance?? Beth, son Holden, & dog Ruby!

See Jeff on the Cooking Stage on Thursday October 18 at 4:30pm.

Chef Amadeus, Celebrity Private Chef

Winner of Food Network’s Extreme Chef Mexican Showdown, Chef Amadeus’ love for food was cultivated by his Puerto Rican grandmother and Philadelphia-born mother. As a child, he spent countless hours in the kitchen with the two women where he learned to create delicious, home-cooked meals—a passion that drives Chef Amadeus Culinary Concepts Inc. The journey to his current success as a celebrity, traveling chef might have begun at home in Jacksonville, Florida but his experience cooking for others began in 1986 in the US Navy. While enlisted, Amadeus had the opportunity to travel to several countries and other US cities where he was exposed to various cuisines and cooking techniques. On a visit to the Pacific Northwest, Chef Amadeus fell in love with the freshness of the food and wine country. There, he acquired more fans of his unique style of cooking. Chef Amadeus calls it world fusion, and uses his own blend of salt free spices called SOUTHERN PASSION to season his creative, visually appealing and taste tantalizing dishes. From local to international culinary success, and currently serving as the President of ACF First Coast Chapter, Chef Amadeus often travels throughout the US and abroad to prepare dishes for his Clients. Facebook @FansofChefAmadeus Twitter @ChefAmadeus Instagram @ChefAmadeus

Check out Chef Amadeus on the Cooking Stage Friday at 2:30pm, Saturday at 10:30am and Sunday at 11:30am.

Kerri Napoleon, RDN CSSD

Kerri is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at the First Coast YMCA, who specializes in adult/child weight management, age management/disease prevention, sports nutrition, and eating disorders. Kerri is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and has completed her Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management. Kerri develops and teaches adult and child nutrition and cooking classes, provides individual nutrition counseling and believes it takes setting small goals and support to make healthier food and lifestyle choices. Kerri enjoys spending time with her family, running, biking and playing tennis.
Join Kerri on the Cooking Stage at 3:30pm on Thursday October 18.
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