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New Products


Toro Z Master 7500-D features Toro’s TURBO FORCE rear discharge cutting deck, with a cutting width of 96 inches. Plus, the 7500-D is built to power through the toughest mowing conditions with a 37 hp Yanmar diesel engine. Horizon Technology also lets you choose the operating mode for the conditions to save fuel.

Turf Equipment and Supply Co., Exhibit #8607

Maschio Gaspardo

Maschio Gaspardo will be introducing the new VELOCE 700. This machine is a 23-foot light-weight disc assembly, ideal for managing crop residues and refining the land to prepare the seedbed and bury fertilizer or chemicals. Commonly referred to as vertical tillage, minimum tillage, or speed discs, maximum working depth is about 4 inches.

Maschio Gaspardo, Exhibit #4135 

Rhino AG

The TW35 and TW36 are the latest additions to the Twister Series of single-spindle rotary cutters. They're the first in the series to have a smooth, totally domed deck, helping reduce grass and debris buildup. With their 1/2” x 4” updraft blades and 3” cutting capacity, these 5-foot amd 6-foot cutters.

Rhino AG,  Exhibit #621


The iMow robotic lawn mower from STIHL is the convenient solution for lawn care, with its ability to manage up to an entire acre, navigate various yard types, and operate at low noise.

Stihl, Exhibit #8504


ASV’s new RT-40 Posi-Track loader, a sit-on machine with a compact width, is ideal for landscaping, snow removal, providing incredible lift capacity and speed.

Sound Heavy Machinery, Inc.,  Exhibit #8236 

Ez-Off Boot Tray

Ez-Off Boot Tray is an all-in-one boot jack/boot tray/boot carrier/ boot storage.

Ez-Off Boot Tray, LLC, Exhibit #4022


Sukup Peanut Bucket Elevators
The Sukup peanut bucket elevator has been carefully designed so that the centrifugal force does not exceed that which is recommended by the American Peanut Sheller’s Association. In addition, Sukup Peanut Elevators also feature:
• Low Impact Head Design for increased grain quality.
• Patented Squaring Plates ease assembly.
• Turned, ground, and polished shaft that allows your entire elevator to run smoothly.

Sukup Manufacturing Co., Exhibit #230


Progyp is a fertilizer product that provides vital nutrients, improves soil fertility properties, and promotes sustainable agriculture.

Tennessee Valley Resources Inc., Exhibit #5110 


The FAE SSH forestry tiller is designed to tackle the most challenging soil stabilization jobs. By increasing the rotor size and number of teeth, the SSH can easily grind stumps up to 28 inches (70 cm) and eliminate root systems up to 20 inches deep (50 cm).

FAE USA Inc., Exhibit #709, 8325

Pearson Livestock Equipment

Pearson Manual Head Control — The manual head control provides a safe way to perform work on an animal’s head. The gate completely opens to allow full functionality of the headgate. Can be adapted to use with any Pearson headgate.

Pearson Livestock Equipment, Exhibit #8142 

Bush Hog®

Bush Hog announces their new line of BH200 Series Rotary Cutters. Building on the success of the BH10 Series line of Single Spindle Rotary Cutters, the new BH200 Series modernizes the line with several new aesthetic and performance-enhancing features. The BH200 Series Single Spindle Rotary Cutters cuts through the toughest grasses, weeds, and light brush, while providing an even distribution of clippings.

Bush Hog®, Exhibit #214 

Greenleaf Technologies

SoftDrop nozzle, a non-air inducted spray nozzle designed to produce extremely coarse droplets for maximum drift control with auxin herbicides and other systemic products. The SoftDrop is particularly well-suited for PWM or blended pulse systems, operating between 10 to 50 Hertz. A specialty designed turbulence chamber helps deliver a drift-resistant spray pattern with very good cross distribution. The Soft-Drop is also excellent for liquid fertilizers and mixtures of liquid fertilizers and herbicides.

Greenleaf Technologies, Exhibit #3706


Tobacco harvester model RA832 is a new addition to the Spapperi product line. Fast and workable with single high capacity belts, harvesting systems with pendulum defoliators for basal and intermediate leaves and defoliators with on-board supplemented cutters rods with gear for apical leaves with an automated system for collecting (three minute ca. for dual use too). Discharge for falling leaves without using fans. Twin speed transmission to wheels (journeys by road with maximum speed of 25Km/h). Simplified hydraulic engineerings for lower maintenance costs.

Spapperi USA, LLC, Exhibt #8508

Granville Equipment

Granville Equipment will be introducing a new three-wheel drive Multipass with single belt conveyor system and hydraulically driven defoliating heads.  Will harvest up to 5 mph.  

Granville Equipment, LLC, Exhibit #8217


The new RTV-XG 850 from Kubota has a 48-HP2 water-cooled gasoline engine with quick acceleration and speeds up to 40 mph. It carries up to 15.2 cubic feet, or half a ton, with optional hydraulic dumping, as well as standard 2,000 lbs. towing capacity on level terrain (1,550 lbs. on inclines).

Kubota Tractor Corporation, Exhibit #603


The Greenworks Commercial 82V GZ 60R Ride-On Mower features blade speeds from 2800-3200 RPM, a 60” professional steel deck, 13-in. front tires, 23-in. rear tires designed to offer stability on challenging terrain and more.

Carswell Distributing Company, Exhibit #6014, 6104, 8133

Ryan ZTS

The Lawnaire® ZTS stand-on aerator grips the terrain and, like you, moves fast. Capable of covering two-and-a-quarter acres per hour at ground speeds up to seven miles per hour, this highly maneuverable machine tackles aeration more nimbly, efficiently and effectively than you’ve ever seen before.

Carswell Distributing Company, Exhibit #6014, 6104, 8133


The Next Generation Series of BOB-CAT® mowers include five new models: the Predator-Pro 7000, ProCat 6000MX, ProCat 6000, ProCat 5000 and QuickCat 4000.  The Predator-Pro shown here is fastest mower in the line-up, with speeds up to 19 mph and all-new 26-inch Zero-T drive tires.

Carswell Distributing Company, Exhibit #6014, 6104, 8133

Little Wonder

The new Little Wonder Hydraulic Lift Monster TruckLoaders shred, load and transport mountains of leaves and debris. Choice of 35HP (gas) or 36HP (diesel) engines. A monstrous debris reduction ratio of up to 15:1 means more in the truck and fewer trips to offload.

Carswell Distributing Company, Exhibit #6014, 6104, 8133
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